God in the ICU

God in the ICU

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“The story of this godly, gifted doctor will leave you blessed beyond words. If there had been room for one more star, I would have chosen it. “

A brilliant story of one man’s encounter with a miracle working God.

“In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, when it feels like I am surrounded by a sea of anxiety and panic and people are looking everywhere except to God for answers, your book reminded me that a humble, obedient heart turned to God in prayer is always heard.”

What a beautiful book. To imagine that simple prayer could make such a big difference to so many lives… I also love the author’s humility in constantly pointing the reader to God. Thank you Dr Walker

Get inspired, and encouraged while you’re thoroughly entertained.

Witnessing for Jesus in hospital and out
A new doctor is caught in a web of African superstition and dying children.