I am an anaesthesiologist who has morphed into author, freelance writer and public speaker.

My writing

I have had articles published in Joy! Magazine, (a national Christian mag), Your Family, SA Country Life and the Weekend Argus magazine section. I have ghostwritten Cheara, Miracle Child and authored four books. My other writings can be viewed at  Faithwriters.com

My life

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but trained in medicine at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and specialised in anaesthetics at Groote Schuur Hospital. Most of my professional career was in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and in the United Arab Emirates, where I was Head of Department at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain.

I now live in Howick, KwazuluNatal with Dorelle, my wife.

Why I write

When Penny, my wife of forty years took her last breath and sank back into her pillow, my world crumbled. She had fought a brave battle in which she shone with a radiance and optimism that only God could have brought in the midst of the inexorable wasting and weakness of a relentless cancer.

My world crumbled, yet, at the same time the presence of God was so palpable that I walked in a tangible mantle of love and — how does one describe it — yes, joy. Only a Christian can understand how one can feel deep agony and joy at the same time.

I felt Him so near, experienced His goodness so deeply that I said to Him from the depths of my heart, on many occasions, ” Lord God, please, before I die, give me the privilege of, in some way expressing what I know of your nature to others who may be doubting who you are.”

As a medical doctor who prayed with his patients, I had first hand experience of seeing the power of prayer in bringing Him close and seeing Him act, so this is my passion:

  • To make His love and His intimacy with us known and
  • to encourage others to experience the power of prayer in their own lives and in praying for others.
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