Praise for God in the ICU

“The story of this godly, gifted doctor will leave you blessed beyond words. If there had been room for one more star, I would have chosen it.”

“This book helped my faith soar.”

” This is a beautiful love story about how God loves and uses His people in various situations.” 

God in the ICU

Dr Dave Walker was a successful anaesthesiologist with a special interest in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Disillusioned with God after a series of tragedies, he was living for himself and his work. But something was wrong. Although he was seeing people healed physically, their lives were not changed and it all seemed pointless. This set him on a quest to find a God who did not look on impersonally from a distance, as he thought, but was intimately involved in our lives. After a dramatic encounter, he started praying with his patients. Suddenly things happened beyond anything he could have imagined. Patients were healed miraculously, others experienced Jesus bringing comfort and peace and still others felt the power of God’s love in the face of tragedy.
And in the meantime Dave was facing his own personal trials that tested his faith to the limit.
Set firstly in a South Africa transitioning into democracy from apartheid and then in the Muslim world of the Middle East, God in the ICU will take you into the drama of critical care medicine, the inner life of a praying, caring physician and, above all, the response of a faithful, loving God to the prayers of His people. Told with transparency, compassion and an honest look at the lessons we can learn from His dealings with us, you will be encouraged to trust a God who is as close as a prayer away.

Many of the chapters of God in the ICU contain spiritual lessons on topics such as a sense of destiny, the nature of prayer, God’s response to suffering etc. which have been an encouragement to readers around the world. For this reason, this edition contains a a devotional whereby a theme from each chapter is used as a basis for individual meditation or for a group Bible Study.

God in the ICU (audio book)

I decided to narrate this myself because it is an intensely personal story and I wanted the listener to hear it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak.

audio sample

Prayer, Medicine & Miracles

In my second book, I take a closer look at what it means to be a Christian witness, seeing God work both in the hospital and outside its walls, as I visit a shelter for the homeless and prayer walk through a maximum-security prison.

Dave Walker was an ambitious anesthesiologist, determined to be the best in his field. Yet it was only when he had an encounter with the living Christ and started praying with his patients, that he witnessed healing far beyond what medicine alone could provide.
As you read, you will walk with him through his first encounter with a dead man, witness the drama of rescuing a young man stabbed in the heart, share his alarm and fervent prayer as the hands and feet of a young woman turn blue, then black while she battles septicemia. You will hear the praise of an exuberant crowd prayer walking through a prison, and feel the contemptuous scowl of a man in “solitary”. You will sit with him with men from a homeless shelter and hear their stories of how Jesus saves. You will share in the power of prayer to rescue a man in ICU from multiple organ failure and marvel at the work of God through a young woman condemned to die.
In this gripping account of the intervention of a loving God who brings healing in the lives of those we pray for, you will find yourself encouraged, edified and challenged. Above all, you will see the hand of God moving through the power of prayer. This is a story to inspire believers and encourage doubters.

Crisis in the Children’s Ward

My novel weaves medical mystery, South African rural pagan religious practices and a solid Christian message into an intriguing story that will keep you guessing till the end.

When Jason Langley enrolled as a Medical Officer in a rural hospital in the Natal Midlands of South Africa, he was immediately confronted with the sudden deaths of children who were on the road to recovery. Carrying his own pain and dealing with a superstitious population influenced by the local witchdoctor, his investigation into the childrens’ deaths puts his own life in danger.

Who exactly is the orderly who seems to know so much more than he should? And is the witchdoctor casting spells on the children as the villagers suspect? As a Christian community gathers for outreach to the village, they are confronted by the demonic forces controlling the lives of a people steeped in superstition and ancestor worship. And Jason and the missionary’s daughter are caught in a trap from which there is no escape.

Listen to the Music and Other Stories

In Listen to the Music and Other Stories, I have attempted to convey, mainly through fiction, truths about God and His ways to encourage, inspire, challenge or comfort the reader. Some of the stories, like The Song are pure figments of my imagination, (though you’ll recognise the emotions experienced in the loss of a loved one).

Fictionalised truth

Others are based on a true story which I have fictionalised to add more depth. For example, we are told little of the background of Simon of Cyrene — only that he was made to carry the cross of Jesus part of the way. In An Unexpected Privilege, I have imagined how he came to be there and what it must have been like for him.

Inspiring true stories

Yet others are true stories which carry their own drama without the medium of fiction. A Perfect Place for Jesus, needs no embellishment. The work of the Holy Spirit in a shelter for the homeless is dramatic enough in its own right.

Listen to the Music and Other Stories (audio book)


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Witnessing for Jesus in hospital and out
A new doctor is caught in a web of African superstition and dying children.